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  • Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Amanda Wedding Collection, a harmonious symphony of wedding essentials designed to add a touch of sophistication to your special day. Each piece, from the delicate wedding glasses to the ornate cake serving sets, is imbued with a classic charm that will elevate your ceremony and reception to a level of storybook perfection.

  • Exquisite Toasts with Personalized Flutes

    Raise Your Glasses High

    Initiate your reception with a heartfelt toast using our personalized wedding flutes. These flutes, adorned with intricate details and customized engravings, not only serve as vessels of celebration but also become cherished keepsakes of your love. The Amanda Collection offers a variety of designs to align with both traditional and contemporary wedding themes.

    The Art of Cake Serving

    Slice of Elegance

    As you cut into your wedding cake with our elegantly designed cake serving sets, you partake in a timeless tradition with a stylish twist. The Amanda Collection incorporates sets that feature both beauty and functionality, with handles that sparkle with the promise of shared futures.

    Dining in Refined Splendor

    Savor the Moment

    Transform your tablescape with our sophisticated plates and forks, specially engraved for the bride and groom. Paired with coordinated table runners and napkin rings, the Amanda Collection ensures every aspect of your dining experience reflects the seamless elegance of your chosen theme, from vintage flair to modern minimalism.

    Unifying Love with Distinctive Decor

    A Harmony of Decor and Sentiment

    Let the gentle flame of our unity candles signify the joining of two hearts, offering a warm ambiance that enhances the romantic atmosphere of your ceremony. Complement these with the Amanda Collection's flower baskets and ring pillows, crafted to create a cohesive and enchanting visual narrative for your wedding.