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Heartfelt Gratitude from DiAmoreDS

We, at DiAmoreDS, express our deepest thanks to each individual who has shown unwavering support to Ukraine and to our team during these difficult times. The prayers and words of encouragement from our clients across the globe have been a beacon of hope and strength. Your continued support, thoughtful prayers, and acts of kindness are deeply appreciated and have not gone unnoticed.

United for Humanitarian Aid

We’ve joined forces with a team in Dnipro, Ukraine, to provide humanitarian aid to the military. Dnipro’s proximity to the frontline makes it a strategic base for our operations. Our efforts are personal, with many of our team members having relatives serving in the military, including Alena, whose husband was wounded in service.

Focused Efforts for Frontline Support

Our group is dedicated to fundraising, repairing vehicles, preparing meals, and assembling first aid kits. These activities are vital in supporting the frontline soldiers.

Creative Transformation in Art

One of DiAmoreDS's primary initiatives is transforming military artifacts into artistic objects. This project serves not only as a creative outlet but also as a meaningful way to raise funds. Additionally, we have crafted a special jewelry collection from brass shells and natural stones. Each piece from this collection is a symbol of Ukraine's resilience and contributes to our fundraising for humanitarian aid.

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