Discover the Gloria Wedding Collection, where elegance meets personalization. Our collection features wedding glasses, cake cutting sets, engraved dessert plates and forks, and unity ceremony candles. Adorned with crystal stones and painted with mother-of-pearl finish, each piece can be customized in various colors.


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Gloria Collection by DiAmoreDS

Elevate your wedding experience with the handcrafted elegance of the Gloria collection. At DiAmoreDS, every piece is crafted with precision, blending non-toxic acrylic paint, shimmering glass crystals, and intricate metal openwork elements. Each design element echoes the romance of weddings, embodying the grandeur of your special day. Tailored to resonate with your personal style, our designs are versatile, offering customization to ensure every detail aligns with your vision. With a palette of fashionable colors, Gloria caters to a myriad of wedding themes. From toasting with our ornate champagne glasses to cutting your first slice of marital bliss with our bespoke cake knife and server, Gloria ensures your day is adorned with pieces as unique as your love story.

Included in the Collection:

Sophisticated pairs of champagne glasses, perfect for the wedding toast.
Elegant cake knife and server set to complement your wedding cake.
Exquisite dessert plates paired with finely crafted forks.
Ambient unity ceremony candles, symbolizing your united journey.
Comprehensive sets combining our bestsellers for a harmonious wedding table setup.
Choose Gloria by DiAmoreDS – Where tradition meets modern elegance.